795.00/7–150: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Henderson) to the Secretary of State


1.1. At request Bajpai SYG MEA I saw him at noon today. He said he had noticed press reports to effect Chiang Kai Shek was offering place armored division at disposal UN for action in Korea, GOI sincerely hoped UN would not permit use Chinese Nationalist troops in Korea. Participation these troops would place GOI in difficult position since many Indians and other Asian nationals who thus far had approved UN action and GOI support thereof would be shocked and repelled and might join already appreciable opposition to stand taken by India against aggression. I told Bajpai I appreciated fully force of his statements and would pass them along to my Government.

2. Bajpai said GOI had today replied to circular from SYG UN informing SYG it was not in position furnish troops, material, or funds for fighting in Korea. It was not easy when India was unable to [Page 276]contribute for it suggest contribution be not accepted from Nationalist China. Suggestion was made however because of wide unfavorable repercussion which would follow appearance of Nationalist China forces in conflict.1

  1. In telegram 3, July 2, to New Delhi, not printed, the Department informed Ambassador Henderson of the Secretary of State’s aide-mémoire to the Chinese Ambassador, July 1, below, and authorized him to tell Bajpai in confidence that the recommendations of the Indian Government were taken into fullest consideration in the formulation of the U.S. position on the question of use of Chinese Nationalist troops in Korea (795.00/7–250).