795.00/6–2850: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Pakistan

us urgent

3. Pls arrange see Zafrullah1 earliest to express US Govt gratification GOP attitude re Korean situation (urtels 614, 623 Jun 28, 302), and at same time to indicate our reaction to Egypt position in SC yesterday, particularly re contention that “The conflict under consideration is in fact but a new phase of the deep-rooted diversions between the Western and Eastern blocs, diversions which threaten world peace and security.”

Fol is for your guidance and use in informal and oral approach (You may tell Zafrullah Dept officer is informally speaking along same lines to PM Liaquat Ali Khan before his departure from NY today):

US Govt notes with satisfaction prompt support which GOP is giving to UNSC action re Communist aggression against ROK. US Govt is employing sea air and land forces Korean theater in response to UNSC resolution in firm belief that maintenance of peace and prevention of aggression must be met effectively and swiftly by UN. It is therefore gratifying to know that GOP has without hesitation associated itself with action UNSC.
On other hand US Govt has received with deepest regret news of decision of Egypt Govt to abstain in UNSC voting. US Govt feels sure that GOP will agree that issue involved is one of worldwide scope in which all freedom-loving nations have vital stake. US believes issue is full support and use of UN by its members to maintain peace and oppose aggression. It is not matter of special interest to this or that nation.
While US Govt believes individual members UN shld be free to determine for themselves course of action they will pursue in UN, US also believes that effectiveness of UN will be seriously impaired by failure of any UN member to support UN efforts to prevent aggression and maintain international peace.
US Govt noted with appreciation that Acting Prime Min and FonMin of GOP have informed Amer Amb Karachi that GOP will [Page 275]give moral support to UNSC action. It is hope of US Govt that GOP will make known its views on this matter to other states in Near and Middle East and South Asia.


For your info Dept has reason believe that there are differences of opinion among leaders of Arab states as to wisdom and propriety of course followed by Egypt Govt. We believe that timely advice and influence GOP with particular relation to Arab States other than Egypt who are members of UN might forestall development of neutrality among all Arab States. Such a development wld be harmful to interests of free world.

In addition while US deeply regrets Egypt position it does not at this time wish adopt attitude publicly or privately which wld have effect of further stiffening Egypt attitude. If anything we wish play down Egypt position in hope that there will be change in attitude and other NE states will not rept not feel forced stand by Egypt.

Finally shld GOP wish use influence other states including NE ME and SOA States we wld of course wish that it be done in its own name and in support of UN action as a whole, and no ref shld be made our approach.3

  1. Mohamed Zafrullah Khan, Foreign Minister of Pakistan.
  2. Neither printed.
  3. In telegram 12, July 3, from Karachi, not printed, Ambassador Warren reported that Zafrullah indicated he would be quite willing to approach the Arab states on the question of support for the U.N. action on Korea (795.00/7–350).