795.00/6–2850: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea (Muccio) to the Secretary of State


Unnumbered. Situation had deteriorated so rapidly had not President’s decision1 plus arrival General Church party2 become known [Page 211] here, doubtful any organized Korean resistance would have continued through night. Combat aid decision plus Church’s orders have had great morale effect, forthcoming air strikes hoped demoralize enemy make possible reform Korean army south bank Han River. Seoul situation confused; KMAG probably all out but count still impossible. Kimpo lost.

Re Deptel 6313 unable communicate Seoul. Arranging air drops.

Drumright party reached Taejon area with President, majority Cabinet some national Assembly. I am at Suwon, HQ General Church, General Chae. With me are Noble, other Embassy personnel listed mytel 27th.4 FonMin at Suwon.

CINCFE forwarding military information.

  1. Reference is to President Truman’s statement of June 27, p. 202.
  2. In accordance with the decision reached at the Blair House meeting of June 26, p. 178, General MacArthur had been instructed to send a survey party to Korea. Brig. Gen. John H. Church was chosen to lead the group, whose mission was to assist Ambassador Muccio and KMAG in determining logistical requirements to assist the ROK Army. General Church’s party arrived at Suwon in the morning of June 27 (Korean time). On June 28, he advised General MacArthur that the United States would have to employ ground forces to restore the situation in Korea prior to the outbreak of the fighting. (Appleman, South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu, pp. 43–44)
  3. Not printed; it dealt with transmission of President Truman’s statement over the Voice of America (511.954/6–2750).
  4. See the unnumbered telegram from Seoul received on June 26 at 11:12 p. m., p. 184.