330/6–2750: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in India

secret   priority

644. Personal for Henderson from Hickerson. Reurtel 943 June 27 pls see Bajpai again and assure him that it is of course our practice and our desire to consult with our friends, among them most particularly India, prior to introducing major proposals for UN action. In case of Korea however we were confronted with very grave emergency. Forces Rep of Korea lightly armed for purposes internal order and frontier defense were subject to all out surprise attack by northern forces heavily armed with offensive weapons. Purpose attack clearly to overwhelm Rep in short order and present UN with fait accompli. It was indispensible that we act at once to save Rep from extinction. We hope Bajpai will understand that under circumstances we had no alternative to foregoing prior consultation.

I was particularly impressed skill and accuracy ur analysis our position. As indicated Deptel 642, June 27, we did talk with Madame Pandit in Dept this morning at which time she welcomed US support UNSG and Pres statement.

As Rau had already recd insts mentioned ur para 2 he suggested postponement vote on US June 27 SC Reso pending consultation his Govt. Dept Rep again talked Madame Pandit who expressed regret nature Rau’s insts said she wld talk with Rau again and go NY personally to help.

Dept now understands Rau attempting communicate by phone Delhi for further instructions.