756D.00/3–3050: Telegram

The Ambassador in indonesia (Cochran) to the Secretary of State

confidential   priority

455. Tahija, political representative of East Indonesia to Djakarta, called today. Said instructed by his government ask my intervention since East Indonesia feared civil war if TNI troops sent East Indonesia in effort force latter into Republic (see Embtel 4501).

I said Anak Agung had told me of situation yesterday. I could not interfere in domestic politics Indonesia, but was always happy discuss problems with friends on all sides. Let him know I had appointment see Jogja Sultan2 tomorrow. Tahija insisted difficulties do not result from influence of Netherlands advice to East Indonesia. Said most Netherlands advisers departed except economists and others with no political influence.

Tahija attributed part difficulty to resistance Netherlands officers in KNIL forces East Indonesia to seeing those forces transferred to Nationalist army. Said soldiers clamoring for such transfer since early January. Said officers held up papers and otherwise delay. Troops unaware tactics followed by superiors, think they are not wanted in Nationalist army and are suspect. He hoped Netherlands commanding officers Djakarta and Bandung could understand situation and discipline their KNIL officers. Incidentally, Tahija, himself an old KNIL officer, was at Ambon when trouble broke out there few days ago and settled it.

Tahija believes situation requires Hatta carry out promise have conference preferably next week of representatives from East Indonesia and Republic with RUSI Government Djakarta. Said East Indonesia does not desire secede and will undoubtedly vote for joining with Republic and any other states if Republicans will only desist from pressure and permit democratic procedures envisaged by provisional constitution, including constituent assembly and elections. Furthermore, [Page 997] TNI troops should not be sent East Indonesia from Java, but transfer of KNIL troops East Indonesia into Nationalist army be expedited. Tahija insisted no Westerling influence in East Indonesia.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Hamengku Buwono IX, Sultan of Jogjakarta.