756D.00/3–2850: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Indonesia


301. Dept has noted reasons given urtel 419, Mar 241 for your heistancy to provide Neth Govt with statements critical of conduct of RUSI Govt. Dept wishes reiterate that it does not propose provide Neth with material with which to belabor UN or US policies in Indo. Dept, however, in view of van Kleffens’ request (ReDeptel 277), Stikker’s discussion of this matter with the Secy on Mar 22 (which has been verified), and The Hague’s 384, Mar 28, as well as course of developments Indo, believes it must make available to Neth Govt its views on developments in Indo.

Dept now preparing note to Dutch which will:

point out your belief that nothing has to date caused you to worry greatly or lose confidence (final sentence urtel 412, Mar 23).
review and express Depts views (now being formulated) re general developments in polit and econ fields with particular reference to drive on part Republic of Indonesia toward unitary state.
Bring to Dutch attn views which you have reported Indos as holding concerning Westerling Affair in all its ramifications. Unless you perceive objection, Dept wishes to point out numbers and importance of Dutch officials whom Indos believe are implicated as well as assistance which lower Neth mil echelons are believed by Indos to have given to Westerling.
Point out to Neth the reasons given to you by Indos (whom we do not intend to identify to Neth) for failure RUSI to make more use its Dutch advisers. In this connection, Dept intends to be specific and to note to Neth that it can confidently expect dissolution Dutch-Indo Union unless its advisers working with RUSI acquire confidence of Indos.

Dept considers that reply to Neth along above lines offers opportunity to comment on Neth policy toward Indo. Ur views foregoing appreciated.

  1. Not printed, in it Cochran reported a conversation with Djuanda in which the Minister for Economic Affairs related the efforts of certain Dutch officials in Indonesia to frustrate economic and financial policies of the United States of Indonesia. Because of this Cochran stated his hesitancy in providing the Dutch with statements critical of the Indonesian Government. (756D.1/3–2450)
  2. No record of Stikker’s discussion with Secretary Acheson on March 2 has been found in Department of State files. Presumably it ran along the lines developed in telegram 384.