493.509/7–1050: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France

secret   priority

158. Excon. Dept comments on your suggestion Para 2 Embtel 95, July 6 that complete embargo exports North Korea be requested CoCom and French proposal urtel 152, July 10 follow:

FYI Dept does not believe question of embargo exports North Korea shld appropriately be considered within framework CoCom, since CoCom is still strategic control group, and discussion complete embargo which is outright economic warfare measure appears inappropriate at least within present CoCom framework.
SC resolution calls upon UN members refrain from giving aid North Korea, and US has complied by imposing embargo. US would of course welcome similar or identical action by other govts, whether UN members or not.

At July 12 mtg US shld therefore state:

US has imposed embargo to comply with SC resolution and wld naturally welcome similar action by others.
US considers question North Korean embargo not within terms reference CoCom.
If CoCom wishes to act on North Korean embargo, US wld agree that CoCom cld take note of action undertaken by members in accordance with SC resolution.

Dept distressed Neth, Den, UK inaction urtel 152. In view what Dept has regarded as assurances from UK and Neths, Dept will renew representations in strongest terms unless desired results achieved very near future. Pls keep us advised.