493.509/7–1050: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bruce) to the Secretary of State

secret   priority

152. Excon. Reference Embtel 95, July 6, repeated London 32, Brussels 12, Hague 9.1 Following is result today’s CoCom meeting US proposal North Korea and China controls:

France, Italy, Belgium, Germany favored US proposal. UK said North Korea controls already in effect but could not agree China controls which are under consideration in London. Netherlands and Denmark without instructions. Canada agreed US proposal as to North Korea. As to China said munitions list Int. List I2 under control. Consideration being given apply Int. List II. Following was result query by US whether countries favoring US proposal would continue controls in view lack unanimity. France and Italy agreed. Belgium and Germany stated controls proposed by US already in effect but continuation of controls conditioned on action by all other PC’s.
France made strong statement for controls and proposed embargo by all PC’s North Korea. This set for CoCom meeting July 12. [Page 646]Chairman set July 17 as deadline to receive final positions UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada on China.

Sent Department 152, repeated information Bern 4, Brussels 18, Copenhagen 1, Frankfort 27, Hague 14, London 44, Oslo 1, Rome 18, Stockholm 2, Trieste 1, Vienna 5.

  1. Not printed. It informed the Department of State that the United States Delegate would propose to the CoCom the imposition of the same export controls to China and North Korea as the CoCom had agreed to apply to Eastern Europe. The telegram also asked if, in view of the Department’s announcement of a complete embargo of trade with North Korea, a similar embargo should be requested of the other CoCom countries. (493.509/7–650)
  2. International Lists I and II were similar to but smaller than U.S. Lists 1–A and 1–B. List I contained items whose export was totaUy embargoed, while List II covered items subject to quantitative control. In addition, there was a List III for items whose control was under consideration. For further information, see circular instruction of April 26 and circular airgram of June 12, scheduled for publication in Volume iv.