294A.1122/5–1950: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in China


405. Fol is text warning to Amers, which shld be communicated to them by most expeditious means. Suggest use registered mail.

“Reference is made to the warning which was issued by this office in Nov 1949 that milit developments along the China coast made it appear possible that hostilities might spread to points hitherto peaceful, with the result that normal transportation facilities from Taiwan might be disrupted. It was pointed out at that time that those remaining under such circumstances might be subjected to undue hardships, and it was suggested, therefore, that Amer cits without compelling reason to remain give early consideration to the desirability of leaving Formosa while normal transportation facilities remained available.

“As you know, Chi Commie forces have been consolidating their control over the southern and southeastern coastal areas of China, while the Chi Nat milit forces have recently evacuated Hainan and the Chusan archipelago.

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“In view of the now increased possibility that hostilities in this area may result in the disruption of means of egress, all Amers who do not intend to remain on the island regardless of possible developments are now strongly advised to withdraw as soon as possible. There can be no assurance that the US Govt will be able to provide transportation facilities in any emergency that may arise.”1

  1. In telegram 404, May 19, to Taipei, not printed, the Department stated its wish that no publicity be given to the issuance of the above notice. In the event of press inquiries, however, confirmation could be given that such a notice had been sent out. (294A.1122/5–1950)