711.56371A/12–1750: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Bruce ) to the Secretary of State

top secret

3480. Please pass immediately Air Force for McCone and Navy for CNO. Reference and supplementing our 3479,1 text proposed Air Force agreement follows:

The Government of the US of America and the Government of the French Republic, having regard to their respective responsibilities [Page 1769] in defense of western Europe under the North Atlantic Treaty and, in particular, the requirement thereunder for the expansion of air base facilities in French Morocco, agree as follows:

The French Government grants to the US Government the rights, under conditions hereinafter set forth, to improve or to establish as may be appropriate, and to make use of air bases at the following locations: Casablanca (Cazes), Nauasseur, Khouribga, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat-sale. It is understood that Cazes is to be used only until the development of the proposed airfield and depot at Nauasseur is completed. Included in this grant are the essential supporting facilities related to US Air Force operations from these bases including the establishment of a radio link in the US Air Force’s communications network. The said air bases and supporting facilities are hereinafter referred to as the air bases.
A detailed technical agreement or agreements in respect of the air bases will be drawn up and agreed to by the air forces of the two countries subject to the general provisions of this agreement. Such agreement or agreements will contain provisions for the mutual use of the air bases by the air forces of the two countries so as to provide for the accommodation of their respective needs at all times. Any point on which agreement cannot be reached will be submitted to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the US Embassy in Paris.
3–12. (Transpose paragraph 1 through 10 of Annex I of Lyautey text after modifying them by (a) substituting “Air Force” for “Navy” and of “air bases” for “Port Lyautey” or ‘“seaplane base” wherever occurring and (b) substitute “above” for the words “of the agreement to which this is attached as Annex I” at end of second sentence of paragraph 1.)
13. The following general conditions will govern the agreement or agreements to be drawn up and agreed to by the air forces of the two countries:
The air bases shall remain under the French flag and command, and local air traffic will remain the responsibility of the French authorities.
In the exercise of its right to use the air bases the US Air Force will be authorized to operate its military aircraft into and from the air bases, and to overfly Moroccan, other French North African and French territories, subject only to the provisions of local flight rules and regulations. However, X the movements of formations of three or more combat aircraft will be subject to prior notification by the US Air Force commander in Morocco to the French Air Force commander in Morocco, in accordance with a procedure to be determined between the two air forces.
The French Air Force will be responsible for the safeguarding of the installations as a whole at each of the air bases. The US Air Force on the other hand, will be responsible for internal security in the areas or enclosures occupied by it and for the safeguarding of its own equipment.
Each air force will maintain and repair the buildings and facilities which it occupies or uses exclusively. The cost of operating and maintaining the facilities mutually used at each base will be equitably divided in accordance with a formula to be set forth in the aforesaid agreement or agreements.
14 and 15. (Same as paragraphs 3 and 4 of Lyautey text). Text ends.

Self-evidently the remarks in our number 3479 relative to paragraphs 9 and 3 of Port Lyautey text apply equally to paragraphs 11 and 14 of above Air Force text. Cannot overemphasize importance here utmost caution against any publicity relative either agreement.2

Repeated information London for CINCNELM 851, Wiesbaden for CINCAFE 17.

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