771.11/10–1950: Telegram

The Chargé in France ( Bonsal ) to the Secretary of State 1


2124. In seeking to learn substance of talks between Sultan of Morocco and French President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, we were told by Foreign Office that conversations had been cordial and Sultan had been moderate in his requests. According to Foreign Office, question of revision of treaty offer or replacement by new and broader treaty (as reported in Rabat’s despatch 110, September 282) had not been raised.

Sultan is reported to have given memo to French which sought inter alia greater educational facilities for Moroccans, fuller Moroccan participation in administration, and permission for Moroccans to form own trade unions. Latour Dupin3 stated that requests had been sympathetically received by French and would be given consideration. They were under impression Sultan anxious to have some concrete achievements which he could announce on return to Morocco on occasion of throne speech. Latour Dupin intimated that some program similar to that for Tunisia, although of longer range, was under study by Foreign Office, but reply to Sultan would await Juin’s4 return from Indochina so that Foreign Office could have benefit General’s views.

  1. Repeated to Rabat and Tangier.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Geoffrey La Tour du Pin Verclause, Chief of Protectorate Affairs, Office of African and Levant Affairs, French Foreign Ministry.
  4. General Alphonse Juin, French Resident-General in Morocco.