Editorial Note

On January 11, 1951, Secretary of State Acheson and Liberian Secretary of State Dennis signed in Washington on behalf of their respective governments an agreement providing for the sending of a United States military mission to Liberia. In a brief announcement issued to the press on January 11 (Department of State Bulletin, January 22, 1951, page 151) the Department of State announced that the purpose of the mission was to cooperate with Liberian military authorities and personnel in the training and organization of the Liberian armed forces and to assist in any matter with a view to enhancing the efficiency of those forces in maintaining Liberian internal security. For the text of the agreement, see 2 UST 1, TIAS 2171, or 122 UNTS 125. Documentation on the negotiation of this agreement between officers of the United States Government and members of the Liberian Commission during December 1950 and early January 1951 is included in Department of State file 776.5.