Memorandum by the Secretary of State to the President


Memorandum to the President

Subject: Liberian Commission

In connection with the call on you tomorrow at 12:00 p. m. by members of the Liberian Commission, there follows a summary of the negotiations which we have thus far conducted with them:1

The Export-Import Bank is presently studying Liberia’s applications for: a) $4,000,000 for a hydroelectric plant; b) $5,000,000 for road improvements; and c) $1,500,000 for a water and sewage system for the City of Monrovia.
It is not possible to state, at this time, exactly what action the Bank will take on these applications, since it had previously indicated to the Department its willingness to consider improvement projects [Page 1732] up to a total of approximately $2,000,000. The Bank will, of course, apply not only the usual tests of the usefulness of the proposed projects, but will carefully study Liberia’s capacity to repay any loans granted.
We are proposing a Point Four Technical Assistance program for Liberia which is expected to attain the operating level of $850,000 by the end of the current fiscal year. This will enable us to increase the personnel strength of our Economic and Public Health Missions which are already functioning in Liberia. Liberia will be the largest recipient of Point Four Technical Assistance in Africa.
The question of furnishing military assistance to Liberia to reorganize and train the present Liberian military force for proper internal security will be treated in a separate memorandum.2

The Commission will be accompanied by the Liberian Ambassador, C. D. B. Bang, and Mr. McGhee, Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern, South Asian and African Affairs.

There are attached biographic sketches of the members of the Liberian Commission.3

Dean Acheson
  1. The Liberian Commission (Liberian Secretary of State Dennis, Liberian Attorney General Cassell, and Liberian government economist Sherman) arrived in Washington on October 11. On October 12 the Liberian Commission paid a courtesy call on Secretary of State Acheson and held informal discussions with officers of the Department of State regarding Liberia’s loan applications to the Export-Import Bank (Memoranda of conversations by Sims, October 12: 876.10/10–1250). On October 13 the Commission called on Capus M. Waynick, Ambassador to Nicaragua and Special Assistant for Technical Cooperation and Development to the Under Secretary of State, visited officers and staff members of the Export-Import Bank, and met with officers of the Department of State and the Public Health Service. Assistant Secretary of State McGhee gave a luncheon in honor of the Commission on October 17.
  2. See infra.
  3. Not printed.