876.10/4–2150: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Liberia 1


87. Urtel 94, Apr 18 and memo Apr 8 to Sims.2 Present fin position LibGovt continues cause Dept concern. While situation may not be termed crisis, Dept nevertheless surprised LibGovt permitted its fin reach level necessitating $600,000 loan. It appears LibGovt has not abided by advice Fin Adviser, and this difficult understand view serious fin difficulties LibGovt encountered 1926 and 1933 resulting estab Financial Adviser position.

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US has consistently supported LibGovt efforts achieve greater econ stability. However laxity on part Lib officials maintain sound fin position weakens Dept efforts promote public and private econ assistance.

In your discretion you may bring foregoing attention Tubman. Emphasize it is not Depts intention interfere internal affairs LibGovt, but view extraordinary close ties between two countries Dept feels strongly LibGovt shld exert every effort keep within its fin budget thereby eliminating need rely on private sources for fin aid.

  1. This telegram was drafted in the Office of African and Near Eastern Affairs.
  2. Neither printed. They concerned reports that the Liberian Government was in a financial crisis and had requested a loan of $600,000 from the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company to meet current obligations (876.14/4–1850 and 876.14/4–850).