876.00A/1–550: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Liberia


22. Embdes 5 Jan 5, 1950.1 Dept gratified draft econ development plan presented to LibGovt and believes your discussion program with Pres Tubman and Lib Cabinet will provide valuable background info and experience useful to Dept in its consideration similar programs other regions.

You shld re-emphasize, in further discussions, program purely suggestive and does not commit US Govt to aid of any kind or amt. LibGovt requests for aid in connection with specific projects will be considered in light of whatever US fon assistance may exist at time when requests are made.

Dept considers Development Authority shld be a wholly Liberian Agency responsible to LibGovt. Ecomis wld not be represented on Authority but wld maintain close contact with it.

For your info, Dept hopes Ecomis will play important role in Liberia’s econ development as available resources for assistance programs are increased under prospective legis and as banks and sources of private investment capital take increasing interest in development prospects. Since relationships under Pt 42 program are still in planning stage here, pls avoid any hint of commitments in talks with Liberians and keep Dept fully advised by cable on progress your conversations.

  1. Not printed; it reported that the Embassy formally presented to the Liberian Government in late December 1949 a “Proposed Five Year Program for the Economic Development of Liberia” prepared by the U.S. Economic Mission to Liberia (which was attached to the Embassy). A copy of the draft plan accompanied the despatch as an enclosure. (876.00A/1–1550) For an indication of the scope of the program, see the memorandum of February 16 from Berry to McGhee, p. 1712. Telegram 28, February 4, from Monrovia, not printed, reported that President Tubman had presented the draft plan to the Liberian Cabinet. The President indicated to Ambassador Dudley his enthusiasm for the plan in principle. (876.00A/2–450) Despatch 121, April 6, from Monrovia, transmitted to the Department of State as an enclosure a 35-page Liberian Government report commenting upon the American draft plan (876.00 Five Year/4–650).
  2. For documentation on Point Four and its application to Liberia, see vol. i, pp. 846 ff.