320/12–250: Telegram

The Alternate United States Representative at the United Nations ( Ross ) to the Secretary of State

Delga 355. Eritrea—urtel 151.1 US and UK delegates have been making every effort since passage of Eritrean resolution by ad hoc committee to bring Italian and Ethiopian delegates together. Agreement was reached in principle Wednesday afternoon that both delegates would attend luncheon shortly after passage by Plenary of Eritrean resolution. Invitations have been issued and accepted for luncheon on Tuesday. Aklilou has sent messages through us to Brusasca that he would like to discuss with him at that time question of re-opening diplomatic relations, as well as a number of other matters of interest to the two countries.

Both delegates are very pleased at present arrangements. They have both agreed that this luncheon shall be given publicity and Aklilou has asked that some mention be made in public announcement that delegates discussed possibility of resuming diplomatic relations.

Aklilou has given us informal indications that Ethiopian delegation will withdraw its proposal in respect to Somaliland trusteeship agreement to obtain a legal opinion on its validity. They have also given us indications that they will be conciliatory on question of finding a solution to Somaliland-Ethiopian boundary problem.

We shall continue to do all we can to help two delegations achieve rapprochement.

  1. Not printed; it reported that Tarchiani had called on McGhee on November 30 to ask for U.S. help in bringing the Italians and Ethiopians together for informal conversations that might lead to the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two states. (320/12–150)