357.AH/7–1150: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices in the American Republics 1

Fol is position US will adopt in Interim Committee of UNGA during meetings beginning July 13 re report UN Commission for Eritrea. This for your info and in discretion for discussion FonOff. Pls report any comment offered including any indications Ital activity this matter or commitments FO may have made to Italy. We trust FonOff may be able avoid early commitment to position incompatible with that of US, thus contributing to keeping situation in IC fluid with view to UN members taking greatest possible advantage developments in event any opportunity should arise for agreed compromise solution.

US rep will initially suggest that Interim Committee recommend to OA that Eritrea or at least eastern part that territory excluding Western Province be annexed to Ethiopia. Will add we desire however to see largest possible measure agreement reached in IC and would therefore be willing to consider a compromise solution along lines federation Eritrea with Ethiopia under sovereignty Ethiopian crown.

US rep will consistently oppose proposals for future of Eritrea which this govt considers entirely unacceptable. These proposals are (a) independence; and (b) United Nations trusteeship with UN organization or any single state or group of states as administering authority; or (c) any combination these two. We regard independence as politically and economically impracticable, and trusteeship as not only impractical and costly but as representing not a permanent solution but postponement of solution precisely where definitive action is necessary. UN Commission of Inquiry which visited Eritrea has now presented its report, and we fully support conclusion reached by three of its five members to effect “in interest of peace and security for East Africa and of welfare Eritrean people best solution, for Eritrea must be based on close political association with Ethiopia;” “economic and financial association also a sine qua non.” We understand Guatemalan rep IC, who was also Guatemalan rep UN Commission [Page 1663] Eritrea, seeking LA support for Commission minority proposal (offered by Guatemala and Pakistan) for UN trusteeship leading to independence.

In view critical character present world situation with special reference Korea US regards definitive recommendation on Eritrea by IC at current meetings as indispensable. Such recommendation must be calculated enlist two-thirds majority support in GA. It must also be of such character that states such as United States having major concern in maintenance of security in area may participate with alacrity in its effectuation. Support such states also necessary in view fact they will be requested afford principal part any economic assistance which may be required in connection any solution adopted.

  1. Sent to Guatemala for information only. Sent to all other US Missions in the other American Republics for action.