Editorial Note

Assistant Secretary of State McGhee journeyed to Africa in February to serve as chairman of the West and East African Regional Conference of United States Diplomatic and Consular Officers, held at Lourenço Marques, Mozambique, February 27–March 2. For a summary of the conclusions and recommendations reached at the Conference, see Assistant Secretary McGhee’s memorandum of April 12, page 1514. On his way to the Lourenço Marques Conference, Assistant Secretary McGhee visited Liberia, February 21–25. Following the conclusion of the Conference, McGhee and a small party of advisers visited the Union of South Africa, March 4–9; Elizabethville, Belgian Congo, March 10; Salisbury, Rhodesia, March 11; Nairobi, Kenya, March 12; Ethiopia, March 14–16; and Saudi Arabia, March 16–24, before returning to the United States. Regarding McGhee’s visit to Liberia, see the memorandum prepared by the Department of State, page 1715. For memoranda of McGhee’s conversations with South African Prime Minister Malan on March 6, and with South African External Affairs Secretary Forsyth on March 7, see pages 1815 and 1818. Regarding McGhee’s meeting with Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I on March 15, see the Department of State aide-mémoire of April 13, page 1696. McGhee’s meetings with Prince Feisal on March 19 and with King Ibn Saud and other Saudi Arabian dignitaries on March 22 and 23 are the subject of memoranda of conversation on pages 1131 and 1146.