Secretary’s Memoranda: Lot 53 D 444: Secretary’s Memo’s, Aug–Sept 19501
Memorandum of Conversation With the President, by the Secretary of State 2

Item No. 3.3 Aid to South Asia and the Middle East

I did not leave the memorandum4 with the President, because I had not had time to read it through. However, I discussed the situation with him, and the following conclusions emerged:

It would be utterly impossible to get this Congress, certainly at this time or in the immediate future, to consider, much less to enact, substantial economic aid measures for South Asia and the Middle East.
The President is inclined to believe that such measures are sound and probably should go in the program for next year. They will take some time to work out.
He sees no objection, and some advantage, in our beginning discussion with appropriate people on the Hill if they understand clearly that we are not going to face them with the measure this fall, but are exploring with them in accordance with the desirable consultation procedures.

  1. Lot 53 D 444 is a comprehensive chronological collection of the Secretary of State’s memoranda and memoranda of conversation for the years 1947–1953, as maintained by the Executive Secretariat of the Department of State.
  2. A handwritten notation on the source text indicates copies of this memorandum were sent to McGhee, Matthews, and Lucius D. Battle for McFall.
  3. Secretary Acheson discussed a number of items with the President this day including the coming visits of Ambassador Douglas and High Commissioner McCloy, representation at the Vatican, and the Ambassadorship to Israel. Documentation on these items is in Lot 53 D 444, Secretary’s Memo’s, Aug–Sept, 1950.
  4. Memorandum by McGhee, August 28, supra.