690D.91/3–2850: Telegram

The Ambassador in India ( Henderson ) to the Ambassador in Pakistan ( Warren )

top secret

43. 1. We have received information this afternoon that Liaquat has announced his intention come Delhi for conversations. We consider this most hopeful development of recent days and believe his decision will much improve atmosphere negotiations so far as GOI is concerned. (Embtel 419, to Department, repeated Karachi 42, March 28.)

2. If you have not already talked with Liaquat, suggest in discussing Pakistan’s note to US that you inform him I have informally advised GOI contents his message and have indicated concern our government lest series of movements and counter-movements of troops might increase strain on relations between two countries. You may [Page 1404] add that my approach received in friendly manner and I obtained impression GOI anxious that relations improve rather than deteriorate and looking forward to coming conversations in hope that they will serve to clarify atmosphere, alleviate tension and lay basis for future cooperation.

3. Important there should be no leak re our action this respect. Sent Karachi 43, repeated Department 420.