690D.91/3–2750: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Pakistan 1

top secret

222. For Warren. New Delhi’s 41 Mar 27 to Karachi.2 Believe Nehru’s letter to Liaquat points way to next step. Suggest you reaffirm to Liaquat our great concern in informal conversation and urge immediate personal meeting with Nehru indicating we consider this such prime importance that nothing shld interfere. If Liaquat’s reluctance to go to Delhi real stumbling block, you might suggest neutral point such as Colombo. Since Henderson has indicated knowledge Nehru letter shld be restricted American officials only appears impossible for you to use this info unless you have already been informed by GOP.

If you judge opportune might also suggest as gesture good intentions GOP shld hold fast on all redeployment armed forces during active consideration joint meeting.

  1. Repeated to New Delhi 285 for Henderson.
  2. Printed as telegram 418 to Washington, supra.