690D.91/3–2550: Telegram

The Ambassador in Pakistan ( Warren ) to the Secretary of State

top secret

216. ReEmbtel 213, March 24. Prime Minister told me last night he had not seen UK-HICOM since he returned Karachi the night before. If UK approves Nye’s recommendation and instructs UK HICOM Pakistan inform Prime Minister immediately, this may delay GOP’s plan to reinforce East Pakistan by despatch two destroyers two supply ships now held Karachi on four hours sailing notice (reference Weeka 12, March 24)1 and flight 8 Pakistan Furies direct East Pakistan without obtaining GOI permission fly over their territory. I do not know today status Pakistan armored brigade Rawalpindi, but hope to have report on its position soon. If GOP carries out any of these alleged defensive measures, I consider it inevitable news will leak and may serve to reinforce GOI’s arguments defending organization mobile forces Ambala. Certainly arrival of [Page 1399] air and surface forces East Pakistan will support Hindu war fears there.

Liaquat gave me positive impression last night he places greatest hope in alleviation of situation by expression US to GOI of its concern in maintaining peace this area.

While I believe it is helpful if Nye makes first approach to GOI (Re Delhi’s 402, March 24 to Department),2 I feel both GOI and GOP should receive from US an informal but strong statement of our concern that steps may be taken to ease popular panic, especially of Hindus in East Pakistan and to reduce war fever in West Bengal. I recommend, therefore, that Henderson and I be instructed to make informal statements along these lines, he either to Nehru or Bajpai, and I to Liaquat.

Sent Department 216, repeated New Delhi 34.

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