690D.91/3–2450: Telegram

The Ambassador in Pakistan ( Warren ) to the Secretary of State

top secret

213. The Prime Minister when I called on him this evening at my request following my arrival from Delhi said that Karachi’s 209, March 23 had been sent prior to his arrival yesterday afternoon in a non-stop flight from Dacca but with his consent. When I asked him what consideration motivated this approach rather than a direct negotiation with Nehru with whom he maintains contact, he said he had experienced two instances of a run-around from Nehru during the Kashmir fighting and that he was not prepared to run the risk at this time of a third experience when the situation is so serious. Accordingly, he approved the approach that has been made and hopes the US will exercise its good offices with GOI to remove the menace of war either independently or in connection with Commonwealth countries who have been addressed. He said he is withholding action in his capacity [Page 1397] as Defense Minister on the development defensive military posture until he has a reaction from the powers addressed but that he feels time is running out fast on account of the inflamed situation in West Bengal aggravated by the daily publication of Hindu refugee photos. When I asked him if we could rely on him not to publish his protest and exploit the situation in the event we brought the substance of his telegram to attention GOI, he said categorically we can depend on him to play ball.

Based on my estimate of him and the urgency of the situation I, therefore, recommend Henderson bring the substance of Karachi’s telegram to the attention either of Bajpai or Nehru depending on Henderson’s judgment with request for their comment. This recommendation is based on reports from Henderson and military advisers that the tactical dispositions are established with the exception that the Karachi telegram did not spell out that ammunition and supplies have been stockpiled for a six weeks’ lightning campaign prior to the arrival of the monsoon in June.

Sent Department 213, repeated New Delhi 33 eyes only Henderson.