357.AB/1–1650: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


18. Reurtel 40, Dept agrees US Rep shld make brief statement in SC this pm along lines suggested and propose Kashmir item be placed on agenda for factual report by McNaughton at early mtg. Such action will be clear indication to GOI that US is prepared proceed along lines Secy’s message to Bajpai Jan 13, notwithstanding Nehru’s reply.

However, Dept believes you shld propose that mtg to hear McNaughton be held next week, perhaps Jan 25, rather than Thurs or Fri this week. This longer interval offers fol advantages:

gives time for Nehru to cool off fol his initial reaction Secy’s message;
offers better possibility attaining agreed objective keeping McNaughton in picture and door open for any further consultations or developments if, as you suggest, Nehru’s message does not intend change in method of negot; and
gives Pearson opportunity carry on discussions in Delhi and Karachi (reftel 28 Jan 12 from Colombo1)

Dept has in mind when McNaughton presents factual report next week, Council cld hear parties if they desire to speak. Then if, as expected, stalemate still exists, Council cld ask McNaughton in view his background and experience to present at latter mtg his recommendations for Council action. This wld give us approximately two weeks from now to work out a recommended course of action which we wld strongly support in Council.

  1. Not found in Department of State files.