786H.02/2–1150: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Saudi Arabia and Minister to Yemen (Childs)1


53. Deptel 21 Jan 19.2 In view recent recognition Yemen Govt Dept desires early estab friendly relations with Imam Ahmed and Yemeni Govt officials.

US officials last visited Yemen 1947. Additional visit desirable soonest. Dept suggests you plan visit before commencing anticipated discussions with SAG re DAB3 beginning in Apr. McGhee agreeable to extend his stay in your area4 for purpose accompanying you to Yemen, if you consider desirable and if visit wld not require too much time.

[Page 1360]

Dept understands Fr, Ital and Dutch Mins plan visit Yemen 1950 (A–499 Dec 275). Brit recently informed Dept strong effort wld shortly be made improve Brit relations with Yemen, probably including appt of Trott as Min with residence at Jidda and visit to Yemen this year.

Dept considers ur appt as Min Yemen still in effect6 and new credence ltrs unnecessary. However, Dept wld comply if Imam requested but hopes his response ur note seeking entry and audience will not raise question. Dept suggests appropriate officers from Emb Jidda and Con Aden shld also accompany you for purpose attaining objectives Commercial Consular Mission as stated Deptel 194 May 23.5

Pls comment.7

  1. Repeated to Aden.
  2. Not printed, but see footnote 8, supra.
  3. For documentation on the discussions concerning Dhahran Airbase, see pp. 1112 ff.
  4. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern, South Asian, and African Affairs, George McGhee, was in Saudi Arabia from March 16 to March 24, following a tour of African countries. Information on his visit to Saudi Arabia is on pp. 1131 ff. Regarding his African trip, see the editorial note, p. 1512. There is no evidence that he visited Yemen on his trip.
  5. Not printed.
  6. Childs presented his letters of credence as first U.S. Minister to Yemen on September 30, 1946; see note 14 to telegram 69, September 17, 1946, from Jidda, Foreign Relations, 1946, vol. vii, p. 926.
  7. Not printed.
  8. In telegram 219, April 18, from Jidda, not printed, Childs reported on a visit he made to Yemen, April 8–16. He told the Imam and other officials that the U.S. Government would welcome the establishment of some form of diplomatic representation in Washington by the Government of Yemen. (786H.02/4–1850)