783.00/12–650: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Offices 1


286. Although appreciative UK views expressed London tels 3065 Nov 252 and 3081 Nov 273 Dept believes possible advantages US approaches re Syria outweigh risks that Qudsi will be branded tool of west and purpose approaches thereby defeated. Controlling factor shld be Chief of Mission’s estimate of local reaction to approaches each NE country. US missions thus authorized in their discretion informally approach Arab Govts along lines para 1 Deptel to London 2709 Nov 22 bearing in mind also para 5 re tripartite declaration. Missions may time and tailor approach in manner most likely be effective in country to which accredited but shld stress USG’s strong view that Syrian Republic shld have fair chance set house in order and decide own destiny unhindered by neighbors.

Every effort shld be made avoid impression Qudsi visits in any way inspired by US or other western countries and Missions shld make clear that approach not related Anglo-Egyptian question, Collective Security Pact or Qudsi’s proposals re Iraq-Saudi rapprochement, but solely addressed to question intervention by other Arab States in Syrian affairs.

Emb Paris shld inform Fr re these approaches stating USG confident Fr will approve Dept’s objective of helping Syrian Govt eliminate intrigue against Syria. Dept not proposing tripartite action but welcomes informal Brit and Fr support shld suitable occasions arise. If Fr, because of suspicion Qudsi or Populist Party favor Syro-Iraqi Union, shld express fear USG action might pave way for extension Hashemite hegemony to Syria, Emb shld emphasize approach being authorized Iraq and Jordan as well as other Arab countries and may state that based on present info USG considers such a development unlikely.

Emb London shld also inform UK of foregoing stating USG hopes UK, despite doubts held re advisability of approach, will nevertheless lend support where appropriate, especially in Iraq and Jordan.

When action taken inform Brit and Fr colleagues and tel Dept rpting msgs other NE missions London and Paris.

Amman being sent special additional instrs by separate tel.

  1. Sent for action to London, Paris, Baghdad, Cairo, Jidda, Beirut, and Amman; sent for information to Damascus and Tel Aviv.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed; it noted that the British Foreign Office strongly doubted the advisability of approaching the Arab governments about Syrian internal stability (783.00/11–2750).