Editorial Note

General J. Lawton Collins, Chief of Staff, United States Army, departed Washington on March 20, 1950 for visits to Greece, Turkey, [Page 125] Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. He returned to Washington on April 8, 1950. Upon his return he held a conversation with Assistant Secretary McGhee at the Pentagon on April 10, portions of which are printed on pages 362 and 1248. A copy of General Collins’ Report to the Secretary of the Army entitled “Inspection by the Chief of Staff, U.S. Army of the Middle East Covering the Period 20 March to 8 April 1950”, together with a covering memorandum of transmittal from Lieutenant Colonel S. W. Downey Assistant Secretary, Army General Staff, to Assistant Secretary of State McGhee, is in Department of State file 780.5/4–1750. Annex 5 of this Report, dealing with Iran, is printed on page 507.