684A.85/9–1250: Telegram

The Minister in Jordan (Drew) to the Secretary of State


59. Deptel 42, September 10.1 communicated substance second paragraph reference telegram Foreign Minister September 11. His only comment was that he expected that the USG as friend of his country would not only see that Jordan obtained justice but also received our active support.

While Cabinet decision to expel Israeli forces from newly occupied territory has not been rescinded there now appears to be no likelihood that government will endeavor to resort to belligerent action.

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The notoriously inefficient Foreign Office is in state of genuine confusion re both the armistice line and the old international boundary in region in question and now appears to be somewhat less confident of strength of position. I have lent Foreign Minister UN map referred to in Legtel 57 of September 9 with which he did not appear to be familiar although I have declined to be drawn into discussion of authenticity of various maps which he has produced.

Aside from question of legal rights of Israel in matter, there is no doubt that its action is regarded here as violation of spirit of Article II of Rhodes Agreement and as inconsistent with its desire to reach settlement with Jordan. I fear that it has seriously prejudiced any chance of making progress in that direction through the Special Committee and is considered as one more instance of Israeli military systematically undermining all efforts in the direction of peace and security.1

Department pass addressees; sent priority Department 59, repeated info priority Jerusalem 27, London 25, Tel Aviv 22, Paris 5.

  1. The Jordanian Foreign Office sent to the U.S. Legation note No. 24/11/1/6218, dated September 21, which transmitted Arabic and English texts of a memorandum outlining the Jordanian position regarding the alleged Israeli aggression of August 28. The note requested that the memorandum be sent to the Department of State by the quickest possible means and expressed Jordanian hopes of mediation by the United States to eliminate the “aggression which is contrary to Jordan rights”. The legation in Amman, on September 26, transmitted an English translation of the note and a copy of the English version of the memorandum to the Department in despatch 74 (684A.85/9–2650).