320.2AA/9–650: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Egypt


191. According AP press reports Mustafa Nosrat Bey, Egypt Defense Min, said Sept 4 Israel Forces drove 2000 Arabs from Israel terr into Egypt terr and Egypt wld ask UN prevent such actions. Shld UN fail do so Defense Min quoted as saying Egypt wld consider itself free of Armistice obligations. In view previous statements by Egypt Govt that it regards Armistice Agreements as of indefinite duration Dept requests ur comment on above.1

  1. The Embassy in Cairo, on September 12, reported information from Foreign Office sources that the remarks of the Defense Minister had been exaggerated in the press and that the Egyptian Government regarded the Armistice Agreements as of indefinite duration. (Telegram 272, 320.2AA/9–1250)