784.02/1–250: Telegram

The Ambassador in Egypt (Caffery) to the Secretary of State

top secret
In the past Egyptian representatives have rebuffed several Israel suggestions for direct informal top secret conversations. The King2 has now agreed (mytel 1166 December 23)3 that at next Conciliation Commission4 meeting at Geneva he will have a special representative who, if approached by Israel delegate, will agree to enter into such conversations. Only Egyptians who know about this are Hassan Youssef5 and Prime Minister.6
  1. Farouk, King of Egypt.
  2. Foreign Relations, 1949, vol. vi, p. 1558.
  3. The United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine, more commonly referred to as the Palestine Conciliation Commission or the Conciliation Commission.
  4. Acting Chief of the Egyptian Royal Cabinet.
  5. Hussein Sirry. In telegram 2 of the same date, not printed, Ambassador Caffery advised of the assurances given to him by Hassan Youssef that the King and the Egyptian military authorities had “given up all and any idea of aggression against Israel.” (784.02/1–250)