Editorial Note

In conformity with the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs request of September 20, 1949, the agreement of October 6, 1947, for the employment of the American Advisory Mission to the Imperial Ministry of War was extended for one year to March 20, 1951, by notes exchanged at Tehran November 28, 1949, and January 10, 1950 (TIAS No. 2068, printed in United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (UST), volume 1, page 415). The purpose of the Mission, consisting of officers and enlisted men of the United States Army and Air Force, was to cooperate with the Ministry of War of Iran and with the personnel of the Iranian Army with a view to enhancing the efficiency of the Iranian Army. A similar agreement, effected by notes exchanged at Tehran September 17 and November 18, 1950, extended the agreement covering the employment of the United States Military Mission with the Iranian Army for one more year to March 20, 1952.