868.00/2–1050: Telegram

The Ambassador in Yugoslavia ( Allen ) to the Secretary of State


162. Deptinstr 93, November 16, 1949.1 During conversation today, I asked Deputy Foreign Minister [Srdja] Prica regarding status Greek guerrilla elements in Yugoslavia. Prica said he thought only small number are still in Yugoslavia majority having gone on to other countries. I asked what policy Yugoslav Government took toward remaining guerrillas here. He thought they would be allowed remain in Yugoslavia or depart if they preferred.

I asked whether Yugoslav Government considered Markos2 pro-Cominform. Prica replied “do you think Markos still alive? We are inclined to believe he is dead”. He said Yugoslavs thought Markos last public statement after his removal as chief GDA, when he allegedly made pro-Cominform speech, was also his last statement.

Sent Department 162, repeated Athens 6. Department pass Moscow as 19 and Department of Defense.

  1. Not printed; it transmitted Department of State, Office of Intelligence Research Report No. 5073, October 26, 1949, entitled, “Estimate of Greek Guerrilla Strength and Disposition Outside Greece,” and it requested the Officer in Charge of the American Mission in Belgrade to comment on the report as he wished and to transmit additional information on the subject available to him (868.00/11–1649).
  2. Markos Vafiades, former Premier and Minister of War of the Provisional Greek Democratic Government and Commander of the Democratic Army of Greece, establishments of the Communist-led Greek guerrilla movement, and former member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), was removed from these positions at the Fifth Session of the Central Committee of the KKE, held January 29–30, 1949 in the Grammos Mountains.