Secretary’s Memoranda, Lot 53D444, Box 417

Memorandum by Dr. John R. Steelman, The Assistant to the President, to the Secretary of State


This is in reply to your memorandum of today’s date regarding proposed alternatives to the tariff concession on raw wool.

[Page 809]

Your memorandum and that of the Alternate Chairman of the Interdepartmental Committee on Trade Agreements which you enclose have been carefully studied, and all of the aspects of the situation have been further reviewed. I have concluded that the offers to Australia and New Zealand should be based upon the original recommendation of the Committee on Trade Agreements as approved by the President on November 14, and recommend that you so advise the Delegation at Torquay.1

John E. Steelman
  1. In a covering “Cabinet Note” the Secretary of State explained: “Prior to the beginning of the Cabinet meeting Mr. Steelman handed me the attached memorandum. He told me that he had explained the decision of the President contained in this memorandum to the Secretary of Agriculture.” (Lot 53D244, Box 417, “Secretary’s Memos, August–September”)