Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. David H. Popper of the Office of United Nations Political and Security Affairs

Participants: M. Henri Bonnet, Ambassador of France
Mr. John D. Hickerson, UNA
Mr. David H. Popper, UNP

Ambassador Bonnet called to discuss the problem of handling the subject of control of atomic energy at the General Assembly next fall. The Ambassador pointed out that the matter would undoubtedly arise at the Assembly, and that because Soviet “peace” propaganda had made certain inroads in Europe and elsewhere, it was important to seek a common approach to the subject. It was also necessary to consider methods of dealing with impracticable proposals for atomic energy control which might be made from the most generous motives by individuals like Romulo, but which might be extremely dangerous. We had had some experience with such proposals at the last General Assembly. The Ambassador suggested that members of the US, UK, and French Delegations in New York discuss the problem informally in the near future.

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Mr. Hickerson informed Ambassador Bonnet that we would be planning to consult the French as well as the British on a number of General Assembly issues and that we would be glad to undertake separate talks on atomic energy. It was agreed that the Ambassador would so inform M. Chauvel in New York as well as his Government, and that Mr. John Ross, who is the ranking US representative for atomic energy problems at the Mission, would be authorized to participate, possibly with the assistance of an expert from the Department. The French will take the initiative in raising the matter in New York.

Mr. Hickerson suggested that in order to avoid complications with regard to Chinese participation in the informal talks, it would be better to limit the discussions to American, British and French representatives, excluding the Canadians. The Ambassador agreed.