International Trade Files, Lot 57D284, Box 165, Folder “Balance of Payments”

The Chairman of the United States Delegation to the Fifth Session of the Contracting Parties to GATT (Brown) to the Acting Director of the Office of International Trade Policy (Leddy)

personal and confidential

Dear John: Supplementing my letter of November 23 about the British attitude on this consultation I heard from John Deutsch yesterday that Dana Wilgress1 had seen both Sir John Henry Wood2 and Sir Wilson Smith,3 and that both of them had expressed satisfaction at the atmosphere which had prevailed in the consultation committee. He pointed out that these two are the leaders of the “co-operate with North America” school of thought in the British Government, but since they are the two top civil servants in their respective departments it is nice to know that they feel the atmosphere, on our part at least, has been friendly.

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I am going, to London next week to talk about you know what, and hope to see both Roger Makins4 and Gaitskell,5 if it can be done informally and if the Embassy agrees, and just tell them the general attitude with which we have approached the problem here.

Sincerely yours,

Winthrop G. Brown
  1. L. Dana Wilgress, High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom, was Chairman of the Contracting Parties.
  2. Permanent Secretary of the British Board of Trade.
  3. Sir Henry Wilson Smith (Wilson Smith) was Permanent Secretary of the British Ministry of Defence.
  4. Sir Roger Makins was a Deputy Under Secretary of State, Foreign Office.
  5. Hugh T. N. Gaitskell, British Chancellor of the Exchequer.