761.5211 Fuchs, K.F.J./2–1350

Memorandum of Conversation by Mr. Lucius D. Battle, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State

top secret

Sir Derick Hoyer Millar1 called this afternoon at his request. In conversation on other matters he asked me to inform the Secretary that Mr. Bevin2 was very much disturbed when he returned to London to be faced with the Fuchs case.3 He said that Mr. Bevin had sent a message to the Secretary which was now somewhat out of date. The message was that he felt a deep concern about it and hoped that this situation would not result in an “anti-British feeling arising in this [Page 528] country in so far as security is concerned”. Mr. Bevin suggested that he and Mr. Acheson should try to play down as much as possible such ill effects of the case.

Sir Derick said that he thought the thing had somewhat died down and did not believe that anyone was too concerned at the moment over the press treatment although he mentioned that the first day or so after the case broke, there had been a few unfortunate articles.

I told him I would pass the message on to the Secretary.

L[ucrus] D. B[attle]
  1. Minister, British Embassy.
  2. Ernest Bevin, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
  3. See editorial note, p. 524.