330.12/1–2550: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Mission at the United Nations


123. Reurtel 74, Jan 25 on conventional armaments. Your discussion on Item 3 of CCA Plan of Work shld be conducted on basis principles outlined in approved US position paper contained in RAC D–18/2e,1 which substitutes earlier statement submitted by Dep US Rep on CCA in Sept 1947. Additional study required of paper such as RAC D–18/72 which wld elaborate principles contained in RAC D–18/2e about which you will be kept advised.

Since resumption of CCA will mean another Sov walkout it is suggested there be close coordination with friendly Dels represented on CCA. You already have instrs Chi representation question. In connection consultations with friendly Dels fol are among reasons why resumption CCA’s activities desirable despite Sov absence:

Under normal conditions CCA shld already have met and resumption discussions wld simply be taking normal step. CCA’s planning activities support business as usual theme.
Since CCA functions are planning in nature, ground covered in absence Sov cld be reviewed upon their return. This fact shld be made clear both to friendly Dels and in CCA itself. Temporary absence Sov wld launch Item 3 discussions without anticipated Sov obstructionism and so set stage to deal with what is likely to be Sov position, viz., that it is illogical consider Item 3 before considering Item 4 and that such consideration is device for delaying genuine disarmament including atomic weapons as well as conventional armaments. Nature of CCA’s activities in absence of Sov participation shld be made clear with friendly Dels as well as in CCA to avoid impression that something is being put over on Sov and to dispel reluctance which might develop in various quarters to any discussion of problem of regulation and reduction conventional armaments and armed forces solution of which will ultimately require Sov participation.
Consideration of Item 3 at this time wld re-emphasize importance and necessity of effective system of safeguard in plans for regulation and reduction conventional armaments and armed forces.

Resumption of discussions by taking up Item 3 wld also help in setting up liaison with new members of CCA and in coordinating thinking and energies of friendly Dels.

Your recommendation re modification US position of necessity for atomic energy control, Art 43 forces, and peace treaties with Germany and Japan as conditions precedent to regulation of conventional armaments under review.

  1. Regarding this document, see footnote 2, p. 44.
  2. Not printed.