91. Fact Sheet1

Name: IAC Watch Committee
Established: Established in its present form by IAC decision of 7 December 1950.2 It was preceded by the Joint Intelligence Indications Committee (JIIC), which consisted of full members from the military services and members of other IAC agencies participating informally.
Chairman: Brig. General John Weckerling, Chief, Intelligence Div., G–2.
  • CIA
  • State (Mose Harvey, DRS;
    Alternates: Boris Klosson & Howard Wiedemann, DRS)
  • AEC
  • FBI
  • JCS
  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Navy
Terms of Reference: Terms of reference, as authorized by the IAC, are given in G–2 memorandum (G2–IWW–319.26) dated 20 December 1950.3 The Committee’s mission is to collect, evaluate, analyze and report indications of Soviet-Communist intentions of hostile action and it is responsible for issuing a weekly report on Indications of Soviet-Communist Intention of Hostile Action.
Secretariat: G–2 provides the secretariat which a) regularly collects from all IAC agencies material bearing on the determination of Soviet-Communist intentions, and b) drafts, reproduces and distributes the weekly report.
Activity: The Committee meets regularly once a week (Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to about 1 p.m.) and has crash sessions when required.
Background: See memorandum referred to in point 5 above.
Effectiveness: The IAC Watch Committee is performing an extremely important function and, in effect, may be regarded as the intelligence body charged with the responsibility of alerting the US Government of Soviet-Communist intentions to initiate war. The Department’s participation has priority over most other intelligence functions performed by DRS and to a large extent the work of DRS is geared to the intentions problems with which the Committee is concerned.
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  2. see Document 35.
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