893.50 Recovery/2–2849: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Taipei (Krentz)

32. For Merchant.52 [Here follow texts of telegram No. 487, February 28, from the Ambassador in China, page 495, and telegram No. 297, supra.]

For your info USS Seminole carries 6200 tons engineering, medical, ordnance, signal supplies and automotive spare parts. No action taken divert this vessel partially because possibility Acting Pres might subsequently request its cargo be unloaded mainland point easily susceptible Comm control. US Govt particularly concerned lest milit materiel under $125 million grants fall into unauthorized hands. You are instructed therefore endeavor obtain info re disposition various shipments US milit aid supplies landed Formosa. Pertinent in this connection are shipment approx 125,000 rifles and small arms ammo USS Washburn and shipment rifles, sub-machine guns, howitzers, powder, ammo, medical supplies, weapons and vehicles spare parts USS Yancey both which arrived Keelung Jan 3.

  1. Livingston T. Merchant, Counselor of Embassy in China on special detail to Formosa.