The Assistant Chief of the Munitions Division (Hamilton) to the Director of Logistics, Department of the Army (Aurand)

Sir: Reference is made to negotiations by the Chinese Nationalist Government for the purchase of the following types of tanks from surplus to the value of $10,000,000:

MK .5 Stewart Tanks
MK .8 Stewart Tanks
Sherman Tanks
Staghound Armoured Cars.

The Commercial International Corporation of America acting on behalf of the Chinese Nationalist Government, has negotiated with the British Ministry of Supply for the purchase of such tanks, and has been informed that the tanks cannot be made available out of British surplus.

The American Mission in London has asked this Department whether some, or all, of the tanks will become available out of surplus, and whether a sale of such tanks to the Chinese Nationalist Government through the Commerce International Corporation would be approved.

Please inform this Department as to the present or future availability of such equipment to meet the Chinese Government’s request.

Very truly yours,

Minard Hamilton