893.01/11–749: Telegram

The Ambassador in Thailand (Stanton) to the Secretary of State

951 Foreign Minister94 informs me telegram received from Prince Wan95 reporting Dept asked him ascertain view Thailand Govt re recognition Chinese Communist government. Pote said, frankly speaking, Government hoped avoid recognition long as possible. I enquired precisely what he meant by this term. He replied Government hoped delay establishment diplomatic relations until Chinese Communist government seated in UN and implied that early recognition by Britain or other countries would probably not affect Government’s present position this matter. He went on to explain establishment diplomatic relations would be grave development for Thailand since it was anticipated Chinese Communist diplomats, consular representatives, would actively endeavor form Chinese minority this country into active pro-Communist unit. Evident from what he said Government rather hopes will be possible avoid exchange diplomatic representatives even in event recognition Chinese Communist govt and that with this in mind formation special Chinese affairs department under Ministry Interior being pushed.

  1. Pote Sarasin.
  2. Prince Wan Waithayakon, Thai Ambassador in the United States.