893.01/11–749: Telegram

The Chargé in India (Donovan) to the Secretary of State

1373. UK Deputy High Commission[er] Frank Roberts, who has just returned Singapore Conference, said it was unanimous opinion officials attending conference, even die-hard colonial administrators, that recognition should be accorded Chinese Communists as soon as possible. Roberts said while majority Chinese population Singapore was not pro-Communist they admired and were susceptible to influence from “New China” and representative conference felt that inevitable contacts between Chinese Malaya and Chinese Communists should take place openly where they could be more easily observed rather than through clandestine means as would be case if Chinese Communists not recognized.

[Page 176]

According Roberts, conference reached conclusion Indochina was key to whole Southeast Asian situation. If Indochina falls under Communist control, all Southeast Asian countries except Malaya will succumb. Belief is Siam would be first to fall followed by Burma.

Sent Department 1373, Department pass Singapore.