893.01/11–749: Telegram

The Consul General at Singapore (Langdon) to the Secretary of State

360. Following is account Singapore Conference given me by Dening96 impliedly in accordance with Mr. Bevin’s undertaking to Secretary full consultation in question recognition Mao government.

[Page 177]

Cabinet will make final decision upon receipt reports of UK representatives (see London’s 4353, October 23 [31]97) and recommendations Singapore Conference. Latter advises soonest de jure recognition by year end, if possible, as desirable from viewpoint both SEA98 and general positions. Further advises that no formal conditions be attached but that when according recognition UK Government make unilateral declaration. It assumes Chinese Government accepts all international obligations. Observes recognition should not involve weakening but be accompanied by strengthening resistance to spread communism in area. Notes dangers to Malaya of having Communist Consuls and discouraging effects on Bao Dai’s regime but offers suggestions to offset them, including joint UK–US declaration with respect Vietnam; similar, that is, regarding attitude in case aggression Hong Kong.

Above constitutes substance of confidential decisions being cabled London; remainder likely reasons for and discussions leading to above.

Full report by pouch follows.

  1. Maberly E. Dening, British Assistant Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Southeast Asia.