811.3393/5–449: Telegram

The Consul at Tsingtao ( Strong ) to the Secretary of State

177. Deteriorating local conditions have led Admiral Badger eliminate completely shore establishments under Naval control except officers’ and enlisted men’s clubs. By May 6, force will be in condition for rapid departure without abandoning valuable equipment. Same date only destroyer tender will remain alongside docks, others at anchorage. Badger’s flagship moved to anchorage today expected sail for Hong Kong few days.

Bulk of Marine Shore Patrol now shore based with one platoon on ground floor Consulate General office quarters. Consulate General took over 1 Kuangsi May 3 without serious attempts by looters to enter. Strong guard being maintained there. Edgewater Mansions being returned Chinese custody May 5. Admiral’s residence Shandaikuan turned over to Consul General April 26.

Various moves mentioned apparently have created no adverse reaction in city.