811.3393/4–2649: Telegram

The Consul at Tsingtao ( Strong ) to the Secretary of State

162. This week end Badger by telegram from Shanghai released his residence to Consul General, suggested armed services YMCA close at early date, expressed readiness turnover Edgewater Mansions to responsible Chinese. Thus apparently does not expect return Tsingtao.

Naval forces stationed here reducing shortly to destroyer tender, repair ship and supply ship alongside dock, MATD seaplane tender, oiler, plus cruiser, destroyer and LCI at anchorage. Small support vessels such as water and oil barges being withdrawn shortly. Naval forces here thus in condition move rapidly on short notice. Local situation not disturbing but expect power situation become acute by mid-May and food situation by mid-June. Senior naval officers uninformed any change status of Marine Shore Patrol company now billeted naval barracks or of logistics vessels at docks.