811.3393/5–949: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

976. In light of disastrous military efforts past 2 weeks and steady southward push Commie forces, I feel continued use Tsingtao by ComNavWesPac should be reviewed. (See Embtel 384, February 14.) According to recent reports (ComNavWesPac’s 300831Z, May 1 to CNO15) Nationalist forces are being withdrawn perimeter Tsingtao defense area and reduced in number; Commies appear preparing for attack. It would seem more politic to withdraw US Navy from Tsingtao immediately rather than delay few more days or weeks and then withdraw in face of determined Commie attack. Reasons regarding earlier request of Acting President that US fleet delay departure Tsingtao have ceased to be valid. Certainly maintenance of small Nationalist enclave on Shantung Peninsula at this point will not possibly affect National Government’s will, ability resist in south China.

  1. Not found in Department of State files.