893.00/4–2649: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

869. Embassy informed by Times correspondent that spokesman for South Yangtze advance army headquarters has announced that foreigners should confine movements to necessary journeys only, and will be protected provided they do not violate military secrets or engage in espionage; that those who are guilty such acts will be deported, and that radio stations must be registered.

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Stoppage of motor car circulation on part Diplomatic Corps becoming general. Australian Ambassador prevented leaving residence but told he could proceed to Chancery if he would submit both car and brief case to search. Wife of Netherlands First Secretary deprived of car while on personal errand; car and chauffeur taken into custody. Two members British Embassy prevented leaving residences; others except Naval Attaché staff not stopped. Wife of Italian Ambassador prevented leaving residence although on foot.

Two female American missionaries this area have been approached for contribution to purchase fodder and straw Communist army. Embassy has instructed them to temporize on ground they neutral (1) as American citizens, (2) as missionaries, and to refer all persons making demands this nature to Embassy.

Sent Department 869, repeated Shanghai 450, AmEmb Canton 310, Peiping 138.