124.931/4–2849: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

868. ReEmbtel 856, April 25 to Department. Same day delivered to Ma Ching-yuan, letter addressed “Chairman, Nanking Peace Preservation Committee” and signed by Jones as Counselor of Embassy requesting Committee call to attention responsible authorities this violation diplomatic immunity. Ma said he had discussed today with high-ranking Communist officials question entry Communist soldiers into British Embassy compound last night. According to Ma, Communists stated categorically soldiers had no orders to enter property of diplomatic missions and that they undoubtedly did so simply because they did not understand situation in Nanking. Ma added Communists expressed concern for protection diplomatic missions and he said circular would go out shortly to all missions assuring them protection. He promised to pass Embassy’s letter to Communists and discuss with them.

Sent Department 868, repeated AmEmb Canton 309, Shanghai 449, Peiping 137.