124.93/2–449: Circular telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

308. (1) Minister Clark on January 31 established “Office of the Embassy, Canton”. Foreign Office will open Canton February 5 and hereafter all communications requesting representations to Foreign Office or other National Government office should be addressed Canton.

(2) Consulates should address all communications intended for that office “AmEmbassy Canton” in order distinguish from communications for Consulate General, Canton and should use separate number series.

(3) Administrative matters will continue to be handled by American Embassy, Nanking.

(4) Reduction staff Nanking makes impossible handling normal flow press telegrams and preparation weekly press review. Therefore, request telegrams quoting local vernacular or English press be sent directly Department, repeating Nanking for information as long as possible.

Circular February 4, repeated Department 308.