The Chinese Ambassador (Koo) to the Secretary of State

The Chinese Ambassador presents his compliments to the Secretary of State, and, pursuant to instructions, has the honor to refer to the Ambassador’s Memorandum of January 21, 1949, and note of January 27, 1949, concerning the transfer of the Capital of China from Nanking to Canton, and to inform the Secretary that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will cease to function at Nanking as from February 3, 1949, at five o’clock P. M., and that beginning from February 5th it will resume its duties at the new office located in No. 68–70 Fu Hsing Road, Canton. All diplomatic missions are requested to conduct their business with the Chinese Government at Canton from the latter date. The Shanghai Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also to be closed on February 3rd.

Beginning February 5th, Nanking and Shanghai will be considered as military areas. The local military and police forces will do their utmost to render due protection to the lives and property of the foreign diplomatic and consular personnel. The Chinese Government earnestly hopes that the foreign diplomatic and consular officers in the above-mentioned places will endeavor to cooperate with the local military and police authorities so as to ensure their fullest personal safety.

After February 5th, all foreign diplomatic and consular representatives remaining in Nanking and Shanghai are requested to deal with the municipal governments in matters of a local nature.

It is hoped that all the diplomatic missions will complete their transfer to Canton by February 8th.